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We are a team of dedicated professionals having wide and varied expertise and experience in various fields of business and the corporate sector. The main driving forces of Sugiv Traders are the synergy of the multifarious talent with us and our commitment to the task of delivering quality and excellence in all our activities and dealings with our clients.


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Sugiv Traders is an active player in India’s Export and Healthcare sector. We are currently in the field of export of various food items and food raw materials to United States, European countries and the Middle East and also distribution and supply of a wide range of premium products in the Healthcare segment including Health care related software products.

We are committed to delivering premium, high quality products and services to our customers. Our utmost commitment is always towards Quality, Transparency and Reliability in all our dealings with our customers, associates and other stakeholders.


Fresh Pomegranate

Our Fresh Pomegranate are highly famous for their wholesome qualities. Our supplied pomegranates are carefully picked from productive farm areas to ensure its purity and naturalness, which further helps in maintaining good health. Our fresh pomegranates are abundant with rich minerals, vitamins, polyphenols & flavanoids which help in quenching thirst as well as works as an anti oxidant boosters.

Product Details

Maturity 100%
Color Red
Feature Bore Free, Non Harmful, Pesticide Free
Packaging size 10-20kg
Magnesium 3%
Vitamin B-6 5%
Iron 1%


Disposable Food Container

We are manufacturers and exporters of Disposable Food Container in India. It keeps the food fresh for longer periods of time and minimizes the chances of molds.All our products are appreciated by customers owing to their intrusive attributes such as fine finishing, resistance against heat, hygiene, non-toxicity and dimensional accuracy .Food containers Help prevent spills and keep anything from contaminating the food. Lids Close very tightly do not pop up and seal all the way around, stack very easily. The size is suitable for food control and takes out.

Fit It, Start It, Forget It

OxyMan is India’s only modular, instantly scalable, medical oxygen generator. Fit it to a hospital’s oxygen pipeline, start it and just forget it, it will do its job of generating oxygen 24x7!
Medical gases, including oxygen, are considered ‘drugs’ and, hence, subject to regulatory oversight. However, there is a lot of confusion regarding the deinition of ‘medical oxygen’. This is because different countries have defined it differently. However, we go by the deinition provided by WHO & UNICEF. “Medical oxygen is oxygen that is (as a minimum) 82% pure oxygen and free from any contamination, generated by an oil-free compressor.”