Fruits & Vegetable Exporting

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Features of Ugandan Vanilla:

  • Market Research: UUnderstand the demand for fruits and vegetables in your target export markets. Identify potential buyers, their preferences, and any regulations or restrictions on imported produce.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensure that the fruits and vegetables you intend to export meet the quality standards of the target market. Quality control measures should be in place throughout the production, handling, and packaging processes.
  • Packaging and Labeling: Proper packaging and labeling are crucial for exporting perishable goods. Packaging should protect the produce during transportation and storage, while labeling should provide information on the product, including origin, variety, and handling instructions.
  • Logistics and Transportation: Plan the logistics and transportation of your produce efficiently to ensure freshness upon arrival. Consider factors such as transportation mode, shipping schedules, and temperature control.
  • Risk Management: Mitigate risks associated with exporting, such as fluctuations in market prices, currency exchange rates, and transportation delays. Consider purchasing insurance to protect against unforeseen events.

Hospital Furniture


We supply a wide range of durable and high quality Hospital Furniture items.

We are the Authorised Super Dealer of M/s.Imperial Biotech Private Ltd., a reputed brand in the Healthcare segment for the Hospital Furniture items manufactured by them, for entire Kerala State.

The Hospital Furniture distributed by us include the following.

Hospital Beds comprising different kinds of :

  • ICU Beds
  • Fowler Beds
  • Plain Ward Beds
  • Semi Fowler Beds
  • Pediatric Beds
  • Attendant Beds

Trolleys comprising different kinds of :

  • Emergency Recovery Trolleys
  • Stretcher Trolleys
  • Stretcher on Trolleys
  • PC Monitor Trolleys
  • Medicine Trolleys
  • Dressing Trolleys
  • Instrument Trolleys
  • Mayo Trolleys

Stools comprising different kinds of :

  • Surgeon’s Stools
  • Patient Revolving Stools
  • Visitor Stools

Chairs comprising different kinds of :

  • Transfusion Chairs
  • Blood Donation
  • Blood Transfusion Chairs

Examination Couches

Labour Tables

Examination Tables

Over Bed Tables



Crash Carts

IV Rods

Foot Steps

Wash Basins

Kick Buckets