Centralised Medical Gas Pipeline System

We facilitate design, supply and installation of Centralised Medical Gas Pipeline System.

Uninterrupted medical gas supply is a necessity in hospitals. Centralised Medical Gas Pipeline System is a system to supply a medical gas, medical air, and medical vacuum to each of the wards, CCU, Operation Theatre etc. of hospitals safely and conveniently through a central supply pipeline system from medical gas supply sources.
The medical gases distributed through the system include Oxygen, Medical Air, Surgical Air, Nitrous Oxide, Helium/Oxygen Mixture, Carbon Dioxide etc., which are used for diverse medical purposes in hospitals.
Sugiv Traders use high quality Medical Grade Copper Pipes manufactured as per EM 13348, BS/EN 1057/ASTM 819 and other international standard specifications in the Centralised Medical Gas Pipeline System installed by it. The Pipes are subjected to TPI by reputed agencies as per customer demand.

Advantages of Centralised Medical Gas Supply System

  • No distressing sign of oxygen cylinder at bed side.
  • Elimination of noise produced by their movement.
  • Protection of sterile areas from contamination caused by use and movement of cylinder.
  • Uninterrupted and clean gas supply at each work station.
  • Hygienic and safe relief system
  • Effective use of space
  • Economically advantageous

LPG Reticulated / Piped System for Townships/Apartments

We facilitate design, supply and installation of LPG Reticulated / Piped System for Townships/Apartments and commercial customers.

LPG Reticulated / Piped System is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the natural Gas crisis in every kitchen. This is a system of uninterrupted supply of gas at the turn of tap. The system is a method of distribution of cooking gas, generally LPG or PNG through a pipeline network for the customer’s consumption for both Residential and Commercial/ Industrial customers.
It is a centralised distribution system for supplying gas to each and every Kitchen of Townships, Apartments etc. through a network of safe piping. The rigors of getting a refill are totally eliminated and the consumers ‘pay for what they use’.
LPG Reticulated system supplies LPG through pipeline network from centralized cylinder bank or bulk storage to the customer’s consumption. LPG is sourced from Centralized Cylinder Bank or Bulk LPG Storage facility installed in the premises. A gas meter is installed in a suitable position (inside or at the entry point of the kitchen) that records the usage of the LPG as it passes through it.

Advantages of LPG Reticulated System for Residential/Commercial Buildings

  • No cylinder in the kitchen, no floor damage, no delivery boy inside the flat.
  • Easy & effortless operation with increased convenience.
  • No waiting list for new connection or refill
  • It burns efficiently, resulting in less cooking time
  • Increased safety in kitchen as the pressure of LPG pipeline is lower than cylinder
  • Automatic change-over to ensure continuous flow.
  • No need of booking or refilling or booking reminders
  • Valuable space saving in the kitchen
  • Payment as per actual consumption of gas.

Hospital Furniture


We supply a wide range of durable and high quality Hospital Furniture items.

We are the Authorised Super Dealer of M/s.Imperial Biotech Private Ltd., a reputed brand in the Healthcare segment for the Hospital Furniture items manufactured by them, for entire Kerala State.

The Hospital Furniture distributed by us include the following.

Hospital Beds comprising different kinds of :

  • ICU Beds
  • Fowler Beds
  • Plain Ward Beds
  • Semi Fowler Beds
  • Pediatric Beds
  • Attendant Beds

Trolleys comprising different kinds of :

  • Emergency Recovery Trolleys
  • Stretcher Trolleys
  • Stretcher on Trolleys
  • PC Monitor Trolleys
  • Medicine Trolleys
  • Dressing Trolleys
  • Instrument Trolleys
  • Mayo Trolleys

Stools comprising different kinds of :

  • Surgeon’s Stools
  • Patient Revolving Stools
  • Visitor Stools

Chairs comprising different kinds of :

  • Transfusion Chairs
  • Blood Donation
  • Blood Transfusion Chairs

Examination Couches

Labour Tables

Examination Tables

Over Bed Tables



Crash Carts

IV Rods

Foot Steps

Wash Basins

Kick Buckets

PACS software

A Complete PACS Solution to Hospitals